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Q Tip “Life Is Better” featuring Norah Jones

By November 20, 2009Music, RIK.TV


  • Joy says:

    I saw this video early one morning, and I was like, “Q-tip has a new song?” I had forgotten this song was on the CD. It’s nice.

  • J.Rob says:

    Hip-hop tributes are always great. From Erykah Badu, Da Youngsta’s, Common (on multiple occasions; my favorite being with..) , the Roots. etc.

    I was thinking the other day:
    Now that hip-hop has changed again into state that is disagreeable with old-heads like me, the tidbits of the underground sound so much sweeter and reminiscent of late eighties/ early nineties hip-hop. I seems like it’s my own little secret again that I can enjoy with like minded people, now that it has been removed from the masses.

    (I know it sounds elite-ist, but @#$$ it)

  • mr. radio says:

    wow! im really shocked. i’m seriously in awe. i cant believe Joy and the person who posted the video on the page said that they never noticed the song on the album. you should slap your selves. this is one of the best cuts on the whole album. you probably only listened to gettin’ up didn’t you? lol

  • Joy says:

    Nah. Won’t be slapping myself, mr. radio. LOL. You got jokes, but “Gettin’ Up” is a garbage a** song, in my opinion. Next to “ManWomanBoogie,” it is my 2nd, least favorite song on that CD. Since we are not acquainted, I’d be remiss if I did not mention that I don’t make sounds such as “cluck cluck,” or “baaaaaa.” Translation: I am not a bird, or a sheep. (Smiles)

    As an aside…I’m only responding to your comment because I’m feeling extra sassy this morning! Don’t take my words any kind of way. ; )

    Anyway…I’ve been down with Q-Tip since he began rapping; therefore, I can admit when he bores me. After listening to the entire CD once, “Johnny is Dead” and “WeFight/WeLove” are the only songs that I wanted to hear over and over again.

    To clarify…”Life is better” is still not in my rotation, but the video was nice and pleasant. It was refreshing!

    “It’s not hate…it’s just MY reality…” – My damned self

  • mr. radio says:

    wow! didn’t mean it in a literal way. didn’t know just a little blog comment would get under your skin like that. i apologize for hurting your feelings and im sorry that you took it so seriously. let me rephrase my previous statement…

    wow? you really forgot this song was on the album? this happens to be one of my favorite songs on the album. you should take another listen and have a fantastic day Joy!!! ;)

  • Joy says:

    I said I was feeling sassy and not to take my words any kind of way. This is a cool website that graciously allows us to leave comments. Sometimes, comments are laced with sarcasm/edgy wit. No love is ever supposed to be lost, though. My feelings were never hurt, but it’s all good!


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