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Kay “Hot Today” b/w “Rockin’ Rolla” (O.G. Mix)

By November 18, 2009Music, News, Premiere, Real Life

Sometimes I like to think I’m a communist fashioning his utopia; all things are equal, everyone gets a fair shake. If there’s anything history has ever taught us, it’s that there is no such thing. I almost typed there’s no such thing as long as people are involved, but I had to backspace. I’m sure the bear would still eat the fish and the fish would still eat the algae even if human beans weren’t here. Imbalance is balance, with or without human desire causing a ruckus. Because we can explain and reason and pontificate what’s right, wrong or inbetween about human action doesn’t make it any more important/grand in scheme to the rest of the universe. It’s no different than that bear wanting that salmon flappin’ around in the river (do not use such 2am logic to go justifying political/economic injustice and/or manifest destiny) and sayin “I’ma take that right there”.

I say all that to say, that as of late, I’ve kind of gone out of the way to not post music from a specific homie of mine as often as I could. Mostly as not to appear that this site is said homie’s personal speakerbox and that he is not the only rapper I happen to know. Kay, over the 10 years (wow) I’ve known him, has inspired and frustrated me. A pretty good motivator of people, impeccable taste in musics, and a pretty good work ethic when his spirits are high. Some of my favourite musics that I’ve listened to in the last decade he’s been a part of on some level, whether it was with Chris “Daddy” Dave & the rest of The Foundation, K-otix & The ARE, OH NO, Nicolay, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, Strange Fruit Project, Verbal Seed, Example on to the nuschitt with H.I.S.D., Neon Collars, The Luv Bugz and on—and I’m exposed to a lot of music. Still, thinking of all the music he’s recorded, there’s still a pretty decent sized set of joints I’ve never heard or know exist. I have dozens and dozens of songs from him that I could post day after day, but Rappers I Know isn’t just the Rapper Kevin Jackson show. It’s definately about him, but it’s about the rest of our crew Houston, Texas, and beyond that other individuals and movements in Hip Hop that I know personally or I feel an affinity for as well. Beat Fanatic crew WHAT UP?!

That was yesterday and several hundred days before yesterday. Now I don’t care. If there are like 15 posts on Rappers I Know back to back to back of just Kay songs, so be it. Before I kind of wanted to space his stuff out amongst the other posts that happen here because I know how fickle and ADHD the innanets/MTV/high impulse images generation is and how easy it is to just simply forget things after hearing/seeing it once and I also wanted to make sure the other songs videos and news from other rappers I happen to know got posted and had fair face time, yet did not end up buried in the Archives after a few hours. It’s not my goal to be like a lot of the other hip hop wordpress blogspot news sites that just flood their pages with content to rack of web traffic and banner advert revenue. This site is actually about stuff I actually pretty much mostly like. No shots. With the exception of that Pill stuff (what up Heinz!).

Today I don’t care. You’re gettin’ Kay joints til I’m tired. Home court advantage. Deal with it.

The homie Damien sent me a track earlier today that I’d never heard before. Kay flowin over King Coz. Yeah, the guys responsible for your favourite song in the last year.

“Hot Today” produced by King Coz

The song kind of annoyed me and prompted this post. Kay be holdin’ out! As a further blessing, O.G. Mix of “Rockin Rolla” produced by J “8 Months” Lewis & Denis Cisneros of Neon Collars. Fonky with an o, on you hoes.

“Rockin’ Rolla (O.G. Remix)” produced by Neon Collars


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