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The Luv Bugz “Music Is My Sanity”

By August 8, 2009Music, Podcasts, Premiere


  • DJ Jamad says:

    There has always been the controversy of free downloads & buying music.

    I just don’t understand why anyone will post a whole song if you can’t download them. Does this really help the artist? It’s like watching a free movie and expecting people to pay to watch it again. You lose people the moment they leave your site. What is the chances that this group will get overlooked like the countless groups before them?

    If any artist expects to get some type of exposure or even make a livng doing music chances are very slim. I suggest getting your music played as much and by as many people as possible if you are undiscovered.

    Otherwise, I just don’t get why people want to be the “best kept secret” in an age of over over over saturation.

    Think about it. I’m in the same boat as well. I understand.

    Great music!


  • @Jamad

    I think the point now days is to be able to build some type of brand and following before you go giving away everything. I mean for instance with these guys (and i’m sure you know this cause I listen to your stuff too) but if they come out with a full album tomorrow I’m going to buy it, because i know they make good stuff.

    I mean these guys in particular illustrate what I’m saying because I would have to say that enough people know they’re music (if not from this site alone) for me to say “WTF are you doing not just putting out an album already”.

    But honestly i think alot of artist give away too much to soon now days and don’t get anything back because they don’t understand how to build over time and as the ladies would say “not give it up to soon”.

    Just my two cents.

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