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“So when you see me, you get your glass up or get your cash up!”

“Love To The World” produced by Illmind
“Love To The World”

This is a gorgeous rap song.

There wasn’t enough chatter about Illmind’s Blaps 2 Mixtape I don’t think. This is my fave song off the compilation of Illmind Blaps and Slaps. Act accordingly and realise what a renaissance man Naturel is. There’s some talented cats making this music right now.

And he had the nerve to say to me on Twitter that:
TheRealNaturel @fwmj I mean it ain’t a real song song, more like a closing thought to album. Lol

This dude Naturel has a knack for picking all the sleeper tracks from Illmind, the one’s that don’t obviously just kick you in the neck. This is how I like my rap music to sound. DMV stand up!


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