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J Dilla x Bill Cosby = Fat Albert in the Hood

By December 22, 2008Misc, RIK.TV


  • Johwee says:

    Fav part is when they are strolling down the block with “The Clapper” beat on. That shit fit perfect.

  • pikahsso says:

    once again FWMJ thank u for the support you are one of the few dudes outside of DFW who show us love anything u need holla @ me man thank u for supporting real hiphop i been coming to this site when i use to live with this girl she told me about it been coming every since stay strong…verb


  • Yo,this was funny as S@#T! the voice-overs were on point. For a minute, I thought they really talked like that. But don`t let the Cos see this !

  • Dee Phunk says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve seen since the Dr. Smoov Transformers / G.I. Joe videos. I pretty much laughed through the entire thing but two parts made me CRACK THE FUCK UP and they were both Fat Albert lines. Whoever did his voiceover, kudos to you.

    1) “Man I am NOT puttin’ my lips on that nigga mouth. He finta hafta DIE.”

    2) “Man fuck you AND Nigeria nigga, you need to pull this muthafucka over NOW…”

  • LORDJAZZ says:


  • Chop Simpson says:

    You guys are going to prison where you’re gonna get raped by men.

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