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VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2008

By October 3, 2008October 6th, 2008Misc, Music, News, Premiere, RIK.TV

Went to VH1’s Hip Hop Honors 2008 tonight with Ali Shaheed Muhammad’s & A Tribe Called Quest manager, Khadijah. name drop, name drop, name drop

Cypress Hill, De La Soul, Slick Rick, Too $hort & Naughty By Nature were the Honorees. Mos Def, Bun B, Mack 10, Fat Joe, Q-Tip, Chuck D, Flava Flav, The Roots Band & some other folks showed up. Juelz Santana was this year’s Lupe Fiasco, completely screwing up song lyrics.

Afterwards hung out with Khadijah & Miss Info at Q-Tip’s Renaissance afterparty in midtown. After it got shut down at 1 am and Mos Def got on the mic for a quick rant about how essentially corporate structures only value Hip Hop when it profits themselves (Miss Info will talk about it tomorrow I’m sure), Khadijah and I hung out with Michael Rapaport, his friendly film buddy & camera person Debra (hi!), and a gang of other folks as Michael is directing a documentary on A Tribe Called Quest (interviewing other members of the Native Tongues collective). Anyone remember Afrika Baby Bam’s Native Tongues diss a year or so ago? Yeah. Right. That subject came up off camera, as Baby Bam showed up at the show wearing eye make up like Brandon Lee in The Crow.

Peace to Chip Fu, Skyzoo, Torae, Fresh Daily, John Robinson, OKPDan, Sucio Smash, D Prosper, Pen from Leroy Jenkins & Rashad Tumblin’ Dice Smith who I all ran into at some point during the night. Peace also to that boy Alzo Slade, photographer extraordinaire!

Below are some pictures. The Rest are on Flickr.

FWMJ & Dave (wearing the greatest T-Shirt ever)

Tracy & ?uestlove

Afrika Baby Bam with eye makeup like the crow :'(

Cypress Hill

De La Soul

Check the other 400+ pictures I took with my iPhone before the battery died here.

P.S. Now I know I’m an honorary Houstonian, but I will forever ride for the 1993 New York Knicks squad. You know, back when I gave a damb about professional sports. This one goes out to John Starks!


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