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From Damien –

H.I.S.D. first came to our attention with the release of their debut album The District in 2007. I’d known DJ SoulOne for a while, mostly as the “young kid” on the scene that we’d give a hard time to as he was coming up in the ranks, so to speak. One day he invites me to check out a performance by a new group that he’s a part of:

“Yeah? A group? What’s it called?”

“Don’t trip when I tell you. Just hear me out-”

“Dude. What’s the name of the group?”


“H.I.S.D.? As in the school-”

“I know, man. I know. Just-”

“As in the school district?”

“Here’s the thing. The “S” can really mean anything. Spit District. Slang District. Soul District.”

“Huh. I guess… I’ll come check it out.”

“Trust me, man. It’s on point. I know the name is… you know. But trust me.”


And I took his word on it. For whatever reason, I was running late the evening of the show, so I got there mid-performance. Caught about 10 minutes of their set and didn’t really know anyone, but I was impressed. Saved in the memory banks for later.

Months later, I would link up with E Classic, part of the production team at the time, and purchased a copy of The District. Color me impressed again. I found it refreshingly pleasant; a throwback the so-called Golden Era and a reminder of more innocent times. But in a good way.

The standout track was arguably “Only A Fool”, but my personal favorite was “Recess” (which is their first collab with Spacebunny a/k/a Khimmy J). Take a listen for yourself and decide.

Here’s their first video for “Only A Fool”. They’ve come a long way since then.


Previously from FWMJ:

It’s time for me to say it.

This record is my favourite album from the last year. If you don’t have it. Find it, , listen to it.

That’s all.


Founding member of K-OTIX / The Legendary KO. Unheralded jack of all trades. Spends most of his time these days creating moving pictures and writing some of the best material he's ever written. Likes dogs. Cats - meh.


  • Wraithe Fantum says:


    Don’t get caught sleeping on The District….

  • brewlowlife says:


  • king says:

    Its Fun, you should try it!!!

  • Savv says:

    ‘preciated !

  • Tony says:

    Bought it… Love it…

  • Steady says:

    I love seeing these guys at shows. The c.d. always gets play in my car. Cold Lingo is my favorite!! The one in the picture that is sleeping is pretty HOT!!!! anyone know if he is single?

  • SoulOne says:

    when i snap my fingers you will awaken, and go buy The District…on peaceuvmine records, cd’s and tapes.

  • DBDR says:

    I’m glad I bought this before I left H-Town, it has been in pretty steady rotation ever since.

  • pierre says:

    i got mine and brother you got to get your own but however this is the ish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! anit felt like this about a album & a group sense DeLa , Tribe , &The Roots can we quit playing people put them own so we can raise the bar

  • ameer says:

    H.I.S.D. (HUEston Independent Spit District) – “TruSkoolCrew”

    “Welcome to the District..” H.I.S.D. (Hueston Independent Spit District) was born in 2005 through the collaboration of eight artists of varying mediums wanting to introduce a refreshing perspective to the sound and visual aesthetic of hip hop culture, classic soul music, poetry, visual art, fashion, and photography.

    Mutual respect and appreciation for the cultural significance and influence achieved by creatively bridging these art forms, brought Savvi (hip hop artist/entrepreneur), Equality (poet/writer/emcee/architect/visual artist), LdaVoice (emcee), Scottie Spitten aka Lenoge(emcee), plus GoldenSoulClassics which consist of producers, King Midas, Soul One (DJ/radio personality), E-Classic, and Jason “Flash Gordon Parks” Woods (photographer/DJ), together to form H.I.S.D under the Peace Uv Mine Entertainment Group umbrella.

    The highly anticipated debut project from H.I.S.D.”The District” on Peace Uv Mine Entertainment is in stores now!!!

    Houston Press Interview:

    002 Magazine Interview:

    Boycott Magazine Interview

    Houston Press Show Review:

    Online Press Kit:

    My Space

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