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Jay Electronica according to Andres Reyes

By December 12, 2007November 13th, 2010Music

photo credit: Jay Electronica
FWMJ snubbing his nose at wack rappers
along with Nicky (Heavy) and Donwill (Tanya Morgan)

There’s a new Jay Electronica feature over at the homie Andres’ blog with insight from yours truly, Erykah Badu, Just Blaze, Taz & Shafiq from Sa-Ra Creative Partners (what up Taz!), Denaun Porter, 9th Wonder, DProsper, Guilty Simpson, Young Guru and a bunch of other folks.

Jay‘s got some big things for the end of the month/new year, and I won’t spoil the surprise we have. Jay, we still on?

Click Here to read the feature, featuring some of Jay Electronica‘s personal photography.


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